Curiosity unleashed!

Utah STEM Action Center provides funding to inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math in Utah. It awards classroom grants, supports STEM-related events and even travels the state in a classroom on wheels!

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At a Glance

Becoming the next big thing

We partnered with the Utah STEM Action Center with the ambitious dream of creating an inspiring website dedicated to STEM education. The website is one of the most complex and custom websites we have done so far, with 30+ unique templates and 140 mockups created. We generated a system of custom animations, icons and illustrations to deliver unexpected discovery and fun to the user’s experience.


  • Utah STEM Action Center


  • Nonprofit

Services Provided

  • Design
  • Dev
  • Illustration

Charting success

It isn’t always easy getting students excited about STEM careers, but it is important to share the program’s success. Legislators, business partners and other stakeholders can view county-by-county reports on Utah STEM Action Center’s outreach and impact on students Utah. People can also view a comprehensive annual report, chock full of charts, quick statistics, photos, achievements and goals for next year.

All aboard the STEM Bus!

One of the most exciting services the Utah STEM Action Center offers is rolling in the magic of STEM to classrooms in Utah. Every year the Utah STEM team travels the entire state to deliver fun classroom workshops to students. We created a custom landing page for teachers to view information about the program and sign up their schools for a visit. People can also view pictures of STEM Bus visits, an interactive map of where the bus has been before, fast facts and more!

Sharing the power of STEM education

Just like scientists and mathematicians, educators can share their curriculum discoveries and ideas in the Utah STEM Action Center’s Lesson Library. Teachers can submit their curriculum ideas via an online form and have it display on the website. Teachers can filter dozens of lesson ideas by grade level, subject and lesson time length to find the right lesson for them. People can leave ratings and comments on lessons as well.