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Let’s create something remarkable together

Are you ready to join a team where you will have the freedom to do your best work? Our team of industry veterans is extremely talented, creating high-quality, often award-winning work that delights our clients and contributes to their success.

For us to thrive as an organization, every Juicebox employee needs to make a meaningful contribution. That means you’re allowed to make mistakes but we expect you to learn and improve from them. We work to create opportunities for our team to grow their careers at Juicebox.

We love to challenge ourselves to do things that haven’t been done before, so most of our projects will require some level of custom functionality that’s different than the last project. You’ll need to be a creative problem-solver who’s always on the lookout for a better way to do something.

If you’re a fit for what we’re looking for, we’d love to hear from you. Apply for one of our open positions or if you don’t see a current opening up your alley, send us your resume at [email protected].

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Current Openings

Are you a super-qualified human being but don’t see an opening that fits your skill set on our list? Send us a resume anyway!
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Perks You’ll Love

  • Chose your work location – we’re a majority remote team so you can choose to work in the office, work hybrid, or work remotely (we have team members in four time zones).
  • Schedule flexibility – work a compressed schedule wrapping up your week at noon on Friday, a traditional schedule, or even a late-night schedule.
  • A flexible 40-hour workweek. We also offer opportunities for flex-time. We value and do our best to preserve employees’ personal/family time outside of work.
  • Compensation based on your contributions and a bonus program rewards for company and individual performance.
  • Free downtown parking.
  • Comprehensive employer benefits – medical, dental, disability, and life.
  • A flexible and generous paid time off plan.
  • Retirement savings matching through our 401(k).

Why you’ll love working here

People > Profit

Because we’re privately held by Juicebox employees, we have the freedom to do the right thing in every situation. We’re not beholden to the whims of stockholders or investors. To us, the “right thing” means trying our best, acting in a way that would make mom proud (e.g.. acting with integrity) and a good work-life balance (working hard but going home at the end of the day).


We work hard to have a great culture. One that encourages great work, celebrates one another’s successes and expects respect for peers. No matter how long you’ve been doing your job – 2 months or 20 years, everyone’s opinion counts should be treated with respect. We believe politics are best left to elections and aren’t welcome in this house.

What does it take to be successful here?

Just keep the rules. Don’t worry, our house rules are probably the most liberating experience you’ll ever have at any job. You’ll love #7.