Playing, growing and connecting Council Bluffs

The 712 Initiative manages urban redevelopment and quality of life programs to make Council Bluffs a better place for business and families to thrive. Colorful illustrations, custom photography and friendly copy help people to connect with the best of Council Bluffs.

712 Overview Graphic

At a Glance

The 712 Initiative aspires to accomplish three things: connect neighbors to one another, make Council Bluffs a dynamic place to live and attract economic opportunities. An interactive map for residents makes it easy for people to connect with their neighborhood association and learn what’s going on in their neighborhood. We showcased upcoming events and programs managed by The 712 Initiative using illustrations and detailed descriptive pages. Lastly, economic stakeholders from the area can view a portfolio of revitalized buildings, spaces and other redevelopment projects overseen by the organization.


  • The 712 Initiative


  • Government
  • Nonprofit
  • Real Estate

Services Provided

  • Design
  • Dev
  • Illustration

See it in Action

Events + Programs

On the main page for events, each event has its own custom illustration or icon on the landing page where viewers can see dates, locations and descriptions. The 712 Initiative hosts events such as 5K runs, bike rides, volunteering, neighborhood block parties, winter markets and the downtown farmers market. In the farmers market section visitors can advance to view upcoming events and activities, view an illustrated map and browse a directory of vendors.

Icons + Illustrations

We created a series of illustrations to enhance The 712 Initiative’s identity and tell its story. The illustrations are based on its iconic downtown architecture and elegant 19th-century homes up the town’s hillside. We created a dozen icons and more than 10 illustrations that can be found across the website, most of them promoting programs and events.

To help bring Council Bluffs to life, we captured a variety of custom photos to show all of the great aspects about living and working in the community.