Expect something different.

OPN Architects has been delivering fresh, smart architecture for 40 years and counting. What’s their secret? Building friendly relationships, focusing on remarkable design and working smarter, not harder, with emerging technology.

OPN Overview Graphic

At a Glance

At kickoff, we quickly learned that OPN is proud to be a group of close-knit thinkers and storytellers. It was also crucial to elevate the firm’s cutting-edge methodologies and contemporary design without losing sight of its decades-long credibility.

As we got to work we challenged ourselves to create a striking, memorable, yet intuitive experience for visitors. Like OPN’s design process, every detail was carefully considered. Strategically curated animations, bold text and sharp images all work together to create the wow factor and attention-to-detail that that OPN’s buildings convey.


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See it in Action

Little red skylines

A set of miniature skylines representing OPN’s offices in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Madison are a fun homage to Midwestern architecture. Can you guess which one’s which?