A vibrant look for a Denver law firm

Otten Johnson is the leading real estate and land use firm in Colorado. They serve a broad client base and have been deeply involved in working with developers, lenders and governments in helping propel Denver and all of Colorado forward.

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At a Glance

The charge was always the same; create something remarkable. Something that was unique and stood out.

Most law firm marketing is cut from the same mold: unnaturally happy people shaking hands, lovely pictures of conference rooms and office buildings and throw in a courthouse for good measure. None of that predictable marketing would match Otten Johnson’s brand. Theirs is a law firm of action. After all, it’s the firm people turn to get deals done.

For nearly five years, we’ve served as their agency on a variety of projects including a website redesign, interior office signage and graphics, event graphics, video holiday cards, ad creation and a host of other design projects.



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See it in Action

Making a milestone anniversary memorable

Each year, Otten Johnson hosts an open house to thank their clients. How do you keep it fresh after 30 years? That’s not an easy task.

We wanted to create something that allowed people to relive the impact they’ve made. We displayed two satellite images of Denver (one recently captured and another from more than 30 years ago) and people pinned to them the projects they worked on, creating an illustration of their contribution in making the city what it is today. It was a hit! People relived their memories while recognizing the contributions they had in building their city.

A website that invites attention

Illustrated approach captures visitors

The website design uses an interesting mix of elements to capture the attention of visitors. To stand out from a myriad of sites with overused stock photography and tired motifs like a courthouse, pictures of conference rooms, office buildings and people shaking hands, we created custom illustrations using the firm’s brand colors. The illustrations underscore their practice areas and display their deep connection to Denver. In the crowded landscape of law firm websites, it’s the one that stands out above the others.

If you open just one holiday card each year. . .

It’s this one!

Each year we produce a virtual holiday card for Otten Johnson to share with clients and friends. A lot of law firms send out electronic holiday cards. They don’t make ’em like this.

For one, we used 6,000 dominoes to build downtown Denver. To say it went viral would be an understatement; it was watched more than 150,000 times! Another year as Denver was dotted with construction cranes, using illustration and animation, we told a story of the hijinks those cranes carry out each night while the city sleeps. Another year, we coupled drone footage with animation and holiday music to create an aerial journey through a fancifully festive downtown Denver.

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