Taking Action. Changing Lives.

The Southeast New Mexico Community Action Corporation performs a variety of services to improve the lives of seniors, children, families and others. Their brand is warm and inviting, reflective of their altruistic mission and values.

Snmcac overview

At a Glance

The client needed to make information easily accessible to a variety of audiences. Information about services offered is organized by program, county and recipient type.

Seeking talent

With over 300 employees, SNMCAC needed a site with a robust careers section. Job seekers can filter by location and job type and apply online. A current job posting feed and volunteer and application links are also featured on the homepage.

Organized service

The site includes a high-functioning staff intranet system. Within it, employees can access manuals, human resource information and news and events. Site administrators can create forms for things like time-off requests or according to needs that arise.


  • Southeast New Mexico Community Action Corporation


  • Nonprofit

Services Provided

  • Design

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