The People's College

Luna Community College is located in the northeastern mountains of Las Vegas, New Mexico. Luna was facing challenges communicating with potential students about their outstanding facilities, academics and reputation.

The completely refreshed website emphasizes daily student-teacher interactions and directs students, alumni, faculty and parents to the most crucial information.

The proposed new logo for Luna is in the shape of New Mexico with an overlaying landscape of a mesa and crescent moon carefully placed in the Las Vegas area.

Collage of elements from Luna's website

A breezy user interface

We created a custom course library that makes browsing classes a snap. Information is presented in a clean way and provides convenient calls to action for users of all types.

Staying informed at Luna

Luna’s news section does more than share the latest from campus. Users can filter news by category, review the campus newsletter and jump to the event calendar. They can also easily contact the head of media at Luna as well.

Another fun way for people to connect to life at Luna is to share their own stories with the Luna community.

Lights out!

We created a 404 page that not only has fun with Luna’s brand, but also helps the user find what they’re looking for by displaying a search bar and header and footer navigation.