Harbach Lofts

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Making the early 1900s hip again

Learn how we helped fill this trendsetting urban loft project with an engaging website design and an uber-successful inbound marketing campaign, anchored by social media.

collection of screenshots from the Harbach project

Johnston Community Schools

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Energizing a growing school district

See how we created a beautiful new web design for a growing metro Des Moines school district energizing the entire community.

collection of screenshots from the Johnston Schools project

Otten Johnson

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A vibrant look for a Denver law firm

Most legal marketing is blah; not so, if you're working with us. Custom illustration, 6,000 dominoes and a declassified Russian spy satellite image produced dramatic results!

collection of screenshots from the Otten Johnson project
Two employees working at a computerwhiteboard meetingemployee sipping coffee while workingtwo employees sitting in red chairs

What's inside the box?

We're a web design and branding agency based in Des Moines.

We serve 100+ clients in 18 states from our Des Moines office. Stop by and you'll enjoy a few unexpected surprises, but for now, get a glimpse of our culture with some good website creeping.

Meet Us
House Rule #1
Help clients outsmart, not outspend
Our job is to help clients outsmart their competition. If we outsmart them, it’s not necessary to outspend them. No one should get more bang for the buck than our clients.
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House Rule #2
Eliminate risk of cost overruns
Creative work is subjective by nature. Keep working at it until the client loves it, and don’t charge for revisions. Help clients stick to their budgets.
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House Rule #3
Get people talking about our clients
Create work that gives people something irresistible to talk about. In a good way.
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House Rule #4
Aim for elation
Satisfied clients are one thing, but elated clients are our goal. Serve clients tirelessly and unselfishly. Make them want to thank us profusely.
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House Rule #5
Be completely transparent
Never hand a client an unpleasant surprise. Send no unexpected bills for stock photos, mileage or "studio materials" (whatever those are). Get written approval from clients on all change orders before doing the work and billing for it. Note that pleasant surprises are still allowed, even encouraged.
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House Rule #6
Raise the bar
Create work that dares the competition to keep up. Work that sets the standard. Challenge yourself. Expect more of yourself. Deliver excellence every time.
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House Rule #7
Let creative juices flow
Don't be afraid to explore, experiment and do something unprecedented. Most importantly, don't be afraid to fail. Learn from failures and avoid them in the future.
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House Rule #8
Tap wisdom and experience of clients
Remember that clients are the most insightful people in the room. Learn from them. Ask a lot of questions. Then, ask more.
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House Rule #9
Tackle product, strategy, design – in that order
Don't put the cart before the horse. Take the time to assess the client's product or service and devise a strategy before the creative work gets underway.
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House Rule #10
Make it fun
Make working with us seriously fun for our clients. Be the highlight of each client's day... no, week... no, year!
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Working at Juicebox

Fulfilling work, sweet clients + a bunch of foodies in one mouthwatering package.

Current Openings
At Juicebox, we've added a few new co-workers since we all work from home while social distancing. Here's what they each had to say about that...
Have you met ClaimBOT? He can help you learn all about things referenced-based pricing. He's knowledgable, friendly and works like a charm. We recently learned a thing or two about that while building an awesome new site for our friends at ClaimDOC. Check out our work 👇 Claim-doc.com
Check out the Hansen Company's slick new site to see some of the incredible projects done by their talented team. We had a blast working on this website with them! Check it out! 👇 hansencompany.com
We're delighted to have our work selected for Logo Lounge Book 11, the most prestigious logo publication on the planet. Check out the logo we created for Signs of the Times! Nice work Kathryn!
While visiting our friends in Mt. Vernon, Iowa we couldn't resist greeting the largest snowman we've ever seen!
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