A balanced approach to architecture

For more than 101 years INVISION has been creating compelling and engaging architecture. Our charge for the website was just the same. Together, we accomplished our goal of creating something remarkable.

INVISION Overview Graphic

At a Glance

Websites for architecture firms—if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Start with a giant image, then add a little white on black or black on white and call it done.

Too often that’s the model for architecture websites.

We wanted to mix it up—create enough spunk to make INVISION’s peers jealous. We crafted a website that was interesting, and inspiring, yet intuitive enough to drive engagement by allowing visitors to learn about INVISION’s unique process.






  • Architecture
  • Professional Services

Services Provided

  • Design
  • Dev
  • Strategy

See it in Action

Illuminating 101 years of history

How do you distill 100+ years of history into something that’s inspirational and will hold your attention (all while allowing you to see any of 127 different projects)? That’s storytelling.

We were able to jazz up INVISION’s story with an interactive timeline. Along with the major happenings of the world during those decades, we featured major firm milestones and significant architectural landmarks that left a lasting impression in the community.