Business is great and Juicebox is adding to our team! We’re looking to hire a really talented web developer to work in our Des Moines, Iowa office.

What you’ll work on

You’ll be responsible for turning beautiful designs into functional websites. You’ll work with a designer and project manager to translate the designs to the web with HTML and CSS, bring it to life with JavaScript, and power it with WordPress.

We love to challenge ourselves to do things that haven’t been done before, so most of our projects will require some level of custom functionality that’s different than the last project. You’ll need to be a creative problem-solver who’s always on the lookout for a better way to do something.

We do a lot of high-visibility work for a wide variety of clients. You might build a killer responsive website for an architecture firm, an online store for the largest seller of antique beer cans in the world, or even the website for the school district you grew up in. Our clients expect the best of us. We don’t cut corners and we give you enough time to do things the right way.

You’ll have plenty of opportunity to grow in the direction you want to go in your career. Would you like to see more of the marketing aspect? We’ll take you to a discovery meeting with a new client. Are you curious about the server architecture? We’ll pull you in the next time we have to tweak something in our hosting environment. Do you want to work on larger and more challenging projects? Every project is an interview for the next one, so give us your best and it won’t take long.

As a company, we’re crazy about continuous improvement. Everyone here has a unique perspective and insight. Your ideas matter and you will make a difference!

What you need to know

You’re the right person for this position if:

  • You have a framed print of the WordPress template hierarchy on your nightstand.
  • You often look through the HTML/CSS/JavaScript on well-designed websites to see exactly how they made the red thing do that cool effect as you scroll down.
  • You’ve spent hours on Google and the developer docs and searched through the WordPress source code to try to understand the best way to accomplish something.
  • One time you found a plugin that only did 90% of what you needed, so you decided to build your own instead of settling.

Other requirements:

  • Website development knowledge (PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax)
  • College degree or equivalent experience
  • Ideal candidate will have at least two years of experience
  • Strong aptitude for front-end development
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong work ethic
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Demonstrated desire and ability to serve clients

To learn more about what we expect of our employees, you can check out our house rules.

What everyone else likes

  • We work a little bit longer Monday through Thursday so your week is done Friday at 11:30 (yes, that’s AM) and you’re working 40 hours each week.
  • Compensation based on your contributions and a generous bonus program to reward you for company and individual performance.
  • Free downtown parking two blocks from the office.
  • So much insurance coverage that you’ll be excited to get sick (health, life, disability and dental).
  • Our team gives back to the community by sharing our talents.
  • Outrageous company events with people you like to be around.
  • Flex time to support your life.
  • Mac or Windows environment—whichever allows you to do your best work.
  • Retirement savings matching through our 401(k).

How to apply

Fill out the form to the right and make sure to attach your resume and cover letter.

Interested? Apply Here.

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  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.
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