Dubuque Schools

Check out their old site (before we got involved)

Dubuque Community Schools wanted to create a new website for their district that was unlike any other. It had to be contemporary, progressive, intuitive and provide their talented community relations team the ability to customize it on the fly. We delivered everything they hoped for, giving them the ability to change the entire look of their home page on any given day.

Our Charge: Create something that's #epic
  • Home
  • Calendar
  • News
  • Directory
  • Mobile
  • A magical homepage.
  • Intuitive + Uncomplicated = Effortless
    Result: thousands toss printed calendars in the trash after one look at the new website calendar.
  • With 10,000+ students, there's a lot going on.
    Four different post styles to share articles, videos, events, and announcements.
  • It links, syncs, and doesn't waste any inks.
    We made finding the right person easier than finding your keys.
  • Just because it's mobile doesn't mean it has to be ugly.
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