Did you find yourself skimming through numerous holiday cards this season and your eyes fighting to not glaze over? All too often companies try to find a way to grab your attention and fall short by not taking that extra leap and trying something new. Don’t let your organization get stuck in the “Move to Trash” category that so many companies are finding themselves in these days. Instead, think outside the box to how you can spice things up.

At Juicebox we don’t like to follow.

In fact, we like to stay one step ahead at all times. We do this by simply being sure to always push the limits of creativity; whether we are taking a break from work to master the art of unicycling or helping a client come up with the next big idea, we like to see how far we can go. Hoping to hit on new and innovative styles, we frequently try to push the limits of creativity to see just how great of an end result we can get and we are seldom disappointed. With some well-thought out plans and the willingness to try, almost anything is possible.

However, we wouldn’t be half as successful if it wasn’t for great clients, such as Otten Johnson, that allow us to stretch the boundaries past what has been done previously. When Otten Johnson, a Denver based law firm focused on real estate and land use, came to us wanting another innovative and exciting holiday card, we knew we could deliver.

Every year Otten Johnson tries to have a holiday card that is unique and really reflects who they are as a firm. Last year we were able to deliver by bringing in a domino artist to make a replica of Denver out of 6,000 dominos. With the firm being so integral in the revitalization of downtown Denver, we knew we needed to hit on another newfangled way to really show all the glamour the city has to offer.


Drone footage captures the heart of downtown Denver, CO in Otten Johnson’s video holiday card.

Capturing extensive drone footage, we were able to show Denver in all its beauty in a way that hadn’t been done before. Then, we took it one step further and added animation and special effects. Since the buildings weren’t lit up when the filming occurred, this allowed us to create the holiday light specular. For our cherry on top, we timed our lights to holiday music in order to make you get lost in a Denver wonderland.

Hopefully, what you saw was high above anything you had previously seen this holiday season (or any season for that matter). If so, give us a call. We love pushing the limits of creativity whenever we get a chance!