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Five resolutions that make a difference

Many people start their new year off by making a list of resolutions. All too often, that list starts with the undone items from the last year—which probably won’t get done this year, either. It’s time to rethink your resolutions. Here are five unexpected things that will produce insights and results for 2018.

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7 keys to make your marketing committee legendary

Committees are almost always challenging. They’re like the Molasses Swamp in Candyland. Sometimes you get hung up in the swamp for almost the whole game, and other times you skate right by. It all depends on a roll of the dice.

Some creative people despise working with committees to the point where they’d turn down the work just to avoid the hassle. Not me. I love them.

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Picking up some souvenirs

We were thrilled to attend the 58th Annual ADAI Exhibition a couple of weeks ago. ADAI (Art Directors Association of Iowa) is an organization that’s been bringing Iowa professionals and students in the design industry together for nearly 60 years. That’s older than astroturf, handheld calculators and 5-digit zip codes!

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True or False: Slavery ended with the Civil War?

Loaded question, right? Absolutely. However, the answer is false! While the American Civil War ended the scourge of slavery in the United States, it still thrives around the world, driven by profit with a careless disregard for human dignity. In fact, there are an estimated 27 million humans being held in slavery around the world; many of them being children that have been forced into prostitution.

Shocked? So were we.

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Putting teamwork to the test

Imagine yourself in a narrow, darkened hallway. There are a few photos on the wall, a large trunk, a locked door. The goal appears to be simple: retrieve forged historical documents from Prof. Morgan’s secured office before she returns. But she hasn’t made it easy. She’s placed a series of clues throughout her office to conceal and protect her secrets. To retrieve the documents, you must find these clues and piece them together. Oh, and you only have 60 minutes.

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Staying one step ahead

Did you find yourself skimming through numerous holiday cards this season and your eyes fighting to not glaze over? All too often companies try to find a way to grab your attention and fall short by not taking that extra leap and trying something new. Don’t let your organization get stuck in the “Move to Trash” category that so many companies are finding themselves in these days. Instead, think outside the box to how you can spice things up.

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