It’s no secret that mobile is changing everything about how we cultivate and foster digital relationships. If this is news to you, it’s time to throw away the bag phone and get an upgrade.

We treat our mobile devices like a cowboy with his six-shooter: he never wants it too far from him, even sitting on the nightstand while he’s in bed just in case some outlaws come crashing through the door. Our phones are constantly tethered to us and we’re checking them all the timeā€”even to look at work email while we’re on vacation.

When you map out your mobile engagement strategy, it’s critical to look at the context of your audience. What kinds of information are they looking for on their phone? We created an infographic to help illustrate what people are doing on their smartphones. (Click for a larger version, and see further down for embed code if you’d like to share.)

Mobile devices have changed the way people consume media

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