Imagine yourself in a narrow, darkened hallway. There are a few photos on the wall, a large trunk, a locked door. The goal appears to be simple: retrieve forged historical documents from Prof. Morgan’s secured office before she returns. But she hasn’t made it easy. She’s placed a series of clues throughout her office to conceal and protect her secrets. To retrieve the documents, you must find these clues and piece them together. Oh, and you only have 60 minutes.

Escape Chambers is a live room escape game located in downtown Des Moines. It puts your brain and teamwork skills to the test while you and your team try to escape from (or in our case, break into) one of their many themed rooms. The rooms range from chilling (think Saw) to pure family fun with puzzles and games to solve.

Our crackerjack team of Juiceboxers busted into Prof. Morgan’s office and used each of our unique strengths to compile clues, assess them, and ultimately recover the forgeries with 3:54 to spare (that’s enough time to microwave two Hot Pockets!), a feat not every group can say they accomplished.


An enthusiastic group of Juiceboxers wait for their chance to escape

Some team members worked as go-getters, reaching for clues and diving into drawers and cupboards, as others were more methodical, analyzing clues and piecing together bits of information. Each Juiceboxer contributed in a positive, helpful way.

Tyler, who had previously participated in a different Escape Chambers adventure, described his experience:

“It was intense. We had to search high and low with puzzles bombarding us at every turn. But with a positive attitude and quick thinking, we were able to deftly navigate our way to victory.”

Katie described her favorite part:

“It was fun seeing how excited everyone was whenever we figured out a clue.”

Kevin, a first timer, was suspiciously over-enthusiastic:

“Exhilarating. Exceeded my wildest expectations in every way. Probably the single best hour of my life.”

Any chance to bring the Juicebox team together is always welcomed, and Escape Chambers did just that.

We escaped!

We escaped!

Kathryn reflected on the outcome:

“More than once, each person shared the right ideas and skills needed to solve the clues. As a team, we rocked Escape Chambers. It wouldn’t have been as easy if it was just one of us in the room. You truly need the collective’s efforts and wits to win the game.”


Finished with time to spare