After gaining supplies to master the universe on Day 9, it was time to slow things down a little for Team Juicebox with a relaxing gift. For Day 10, all team members received a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Alicia and Tyler are able to reminisce about their childhood with a “Things I Ate As A Kid” and a “Disney Stained Glass Mural” puzzles. Meanwhile, Jaclyn is planning to make her fur babies jealous as she was the lucky recipient of the “World of Cats” puzzle.

A few other Juiceboxers, Katie, Kristin and Kevin, are going to be busy planning their next trips with their “Times Square,” “Ocean of Life” and “99 Beautiful Places on Earth” puzzles. Simultaneously, Kathryn will continue hoping the force is with her as she tackles her “Yoda” puzzle since she received the Star Wars gift of the day!


Regardless of what puzzle they received, I know they will all be puzzle masters in no time!