We’d like to thank our friends at Facebook who invited us out for a behind the scenes tour of their new data center in Altoona, Iowa.

To say it’s an incredibly sophisticated facility would be an understatement. At a cost of over $1 billion and with more servers than there are people in most cities, it was a fascinating glimpse into the advanced technologies that Facebook is using to create a better experience for their customers.

Data center junkies would go gaga at the amount of redundancy (they’re even building a second twin data center right beside the first┬ádata center). It’s just flat out gargantuan, including the cooling and air filtration systems that are so large you could fit a fleet of school buses inside of them.

Facebook is a company that was created so that we can more easily and conveniently connect with our closest friends but also our most passive and distant relationships. They fully grasp the importance of using technology to create a competitive advantage giving their customers an experience none of their rivals can match.

Thanks again for the tour and keep up the good work and you’ll avoid becoming MySpace:)