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Design + SEO: “Wow” your audience to the top of Google

Have you ever visited a website and immediately thought: “Wow, that was cool!” Maybe the website featured unique photography, a fun animation, bold colors, or something so unusual that you couldn’t help but explore it to see what’s next. Maybe by the time you got to the bottom of the page you were already turning to your co-worker saying, “You’ve got to see this!”. Before long the whole office knew about your discovery.

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The pound sign has a history of being used for a variety of purposes. It’s used to label the #2 pencil, direct telephone calls, select objects in CSS, and (last but not least) it can be confused with the sharp symbol in sheet music. But now it is most commonly seen as social media’s new best friend, connecting posts on Twitter an Instagram through common hash tags (for example, #hilarious, or #lovemyjob). Sometimes they’re pretty funny. And sometimes they’re even so funny that people want to use hash tags in their own verbal communication.

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon demonstrate in this humorous skit how hash tags can get overused. They recreated a normal human conversation but added ridiculous hash tags after every statement. So whenever you’re wondering how you sound using hash tags in verbal communication, remember this:

If you like to meet new people, enjoy adventure, and have a camera, you have to check out this event. AIGA is hosting an I-Spy scavenger hunt on Thursday, August 29, from 6-9 pm. All you have to do is show up, bring a camera (and your cords to download the photos), and be ready to have some fun! Best of all, the event is FREE for members and non-members alike. Sign up today if you’re interested!

AIGA Iowa - Juicebox Interactive Presentation

How does a designer work with a developer?

As a designer I have had the opportunity to work with many different kinds of people including business leaders, marketing specialists, copywriters, printing experts, and last but not least, developers. Each person I’ve worked with brings a unique perspective to different projects, yet as a designer I’ve always learned the most from working with developers. [ Read more ]

See how learning digital lingo is as easy as ABC. Get inspired through words and images created by talented designers and illustrators and enjoy this fun piece of interactive media!

Consider signing up for AIGA Iowa’s annual summer design luncheon series. The theme this year is “Designer & …“, meaning three local designers will present about their collaborative relationships working with other professions on various projects. We’re excited to host the third series, “Designer & Developer” coming up in August, but you can get a great discount if you sign up for all three. Sign up here!